We are specializing in :
Root canal treatment
(commonly known as nerve extraction) or retreatment of failed previously root treated tooth
Management of badly decayed teet
Management of dental related pain and swelling
Management of traumatic dental injury (accident) e.g. Fractured tooth, Avulsed tooth, dislocated tooth, Do not threw your tooth away, we can save it for you!!!
Treating patient who are unfit for extraction e.g. patients with underlying medical problem, post-radiotherapy, We can help you!!!
Microsurgery of the root and surrounding structure or intentional replantation
In brief, we can save your tooth for you even when it is already badly broken down.

Fractured Tooth
My tooth fracture! What should I do?
Nine-year-old Josh is racing down a hill on his mountain bike. The bike hits a rock and Josh lands on the trail. His mouth is bloody. His front tooth feels funny. He gets up, dusts himself off and rides home to tell his mother. She sees Josh's broken tooth.

The key to long-term success is continual growth of the tooth. So keep it alive! You need pulp therapy not root canal treatment!

Avulsed Tooth
It's a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is shining. Adrian was playing and a terrible accident happened. He was hit in the mouth and a permanent front tooth was knocked out! The child is frightened and in pain. The parent is frantic; she sees blood everywhere. She desperately asks, "What should I do?"

My tooth dropped out! What should I do?

1st option

Immediate replantation
1. Hold the tooth by the crown
2. Rinse off the gross debris away with normal saline or running water
3. Gently reposition the tooth into the empty socket
4. Contact your dentist immediately

2nd option
1. Hold the tooth by the crown
2. Gently put it in a clean container that was filled with milk or normal saline
3. Contact your dentist immediately

Dont forget to bring along the tooth and the child together when you
go to see the dentist!!!

The key to success is the survival of the tissue on the root surfce.
they are extremely delicate, so please be gentle with them. they dont like to be left dry or being touch!!

Consultation Hour
  Sunday to Friday
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( Close on Saturday & certain Public Holiday)

Services Available
Diagnostic/ Review X-ray
Pulp capping
Amalgam core
Force extrusion
Surgical Endodontics